What's New At the Zoo?
I just got back from Super Zoo in Vegas where we walked four football fields of new vendor products looking for just the "right stuff."  I also attended some great educational seminars by leading industry speakers. I went to seminars on weight control for pets, skin and coat issues, and nutritional reviews by leading scientists and veterinarians. In the coming blogs, I will be sharing this info with you. Today, let me share with you what was new at the Zoo! First, let me tell you about the awarded best products. There is a new feeding "bowl" that doesn't look like a bowl at all. It is made of a hard material that sits up like grass. The pet food is poured into the bowl and it truly slows the pet down while eating. There is a video showing a dog eating in a few minutes with an old style bowl and now the new bowl takes the pet about twenty minutes to complete a meal. Now, that is an effective product.
The next product that won first place is called ifetch. Ifetch is a ceramic container with two holes.  The first hole is on the top for putting balls into and the second hole spits the ball out to throw the ball for your dog. How about that?  It plugs in or uses batteries. It is in its infancy stages right now and going to manufacturing. It was a lot of fun and your dog can actually learn to play ball on his own. Of course,it's no fun to play by yourself. Moral of that story, get out and play with your pet.