Rotational Diets

The pet food nutrition experts are talking a lot about rotational diets for dogs. This means you want to change up the diet as often as you like. If you ate the same food everyday you might become bored and you would most likely not get all the nutrients the body requires for optimum health. Changing up your dogs diet means changing the protein source or keeping on the same kibble and adding some high quality canned food or raw food to their diet.  This allows your dog to get excited every time you feed him.

Try and stay with more common protein sources like chicken, lamb, pork and beef. A dog can get an allergy to anything at anytime. Chances of getting an allergy is when you are feeding that same diet all the time. Mixing it up is a good thing. If at all possible, try to stay within one manufacturer food sources. The basic ingredients are typically the same and there is less of a food transition concern. If your dog has a sensitive stomach try some canned pumpkin during the switch  or use the Fruitables product called Switch. Don't try the more unique protein sources like duck, rabbit or kangaroo. If your dog has already been exposed to these protein sources the allergy may extend to all of those and you will be out of luck if and when an allergy strikes. Remember, the common signs of an allergy include hot spots, ear infections and licking paws. If you see any of these symptoms, it's time to change the diet as there may be a food sensitivity.