Hairballs! Yuck!
Cats get hairballs. They just do. Ok, so what to do about them? First, make sure you're feeding a high quality kibble, canned or raw diet. Fiber is the key to less frequent hairballs. In the wild, cats took care to add fiber with yes, feathers and fur while eating their prey. Today, if your feline is indoors and not out hunting make sure to add fiber to the diet if you are having frequent hairball issues. Read the cat food label to look at the fiber content within the guaranteed analysis. 8% is a good number. If you are wanting to add more fiber to the diet you can accomplish that with pumpkin (canned with no sugar, please) or veggies. Although, most cats are not into veggies (kinda like the kids). Cats are carnivores and as meat eaters that is what excites them. If all else fails, there are natural supplements on the market today to help. NutraVet makes a hairball gel that works. If you have any questions, just let us know we're here to help! Furry Friends Inc.