If Your Dog Is Walking Slower It May Be More Than Old Age

Thanks to some great nutrition available to our dogs our canine friends are living longer these days. My Moms' dog (on Pet 's Healthy Choice food) just passed away at age 17. The passing of time also can bring on inflammatory diseases like arthritis. This can make it difficult to get up, walk without hurting and have playtime. Most dogs will take those long walks with you and that afternoon be unable to move off the floor, or in the case of my dogs' off the couch.

Today, there are so many great supplements to help. I really like adding glucosamine to my dogs' diet. There are several ways to do that. Some people choose regular people glucosamine for their dogs. I prefer a more flavorful way with a product that includes even more benefits. The right glucosamine dosage for dogs depends on various factors. The main factor is the dog’s weight. Generally speaking, a dog that weighs under 10 lbs. should only take 300 mg of glucosamine daily; dogs that weigh from 11-29 lbs. should have twice this much. Dogs that weigh from 30-59 lbs. should have 1200 mg of glucosamine daily, and dogs that weigh from 60-120 lbs. should have a dosage of 1800 mg. My product of choice is The Missing Link it is a sprinkle and you use one teaspoon per 25 lbs of dog. The other benefits include omegas for joint and heart health and a beautiful coat. It also has flaxseed for the immune system along with the glucosamine. I have used The Missing Link for over ten years now and it works wonderfully.
Most of our clients who use it come back with some amazing stories about how their dogs are moving so much better. Recently, one dog was having such trouble getting up the stairs they tried the sprinkle now they are so thankful they discovered this product. With Winter soon approaching, it's time for you to consider adding this to your furry friends diet for a comfortable aging process. Recent science tells us not to wait until symptoms appear but, to include it after age two years old as a preventative for our pets.The Missing Link a great product to keep out furry friends happy and healthy! Call, email or stop by our store for more information.