Allergies or Yeast?
Allergies can get pretty expensive with testing, changes in foods, supplements and the list goes on. But, is it really an allergy? Does it appear in the spring and then go away in the fall? You might want to consider yeast being the culprit. Check out the symptoms of a yeast infection: chewing or licking the feet, scratching the ears, or head shaking, cyclic manifestations of symptoms, hair loss (especially on the tail and upper back), Speckles, like black dots on the underbelly, a foul smell and/or greasy hair, baldness and black skin when associated with hair loss. All of these symptoms point to yeast, and when it happens the local immune system doesn't function properly and yeast starts to bloom and invade the body. Veterinarians often miss these early signs of yeast infection. We often recommend a product called DerMagic Skin Hot Spot Salve. It is an all natural product that heals and absolutely makes your pet a happy camper again. So, before you spend all that money and think your pet has allergies try a natural way.