I've Tried EVERYTHING And My Dog Is Still Fat!
I hear that comment on a daily basis. Every dog is unique and every dog can benefit by a custom diet. Just like us people, we don't all respond to the same thing when it comes to losing weight. So, experiment...try a lower calorie kibble, or switch to a raw diet or both. Most importantly, check out the REAL number of calories your furry friend should be eating every day. Feeding a couple of times a day helps the blood sugar stay at an even level which helps a dog feel satisfied and content. This also helps with a dog that has a food anxiety. Rule of thumb, feed twice daily. 
Now, let's talk about that raw diet. I'm not talking about going to the store cooking chicken and adding rice. This can really backfire on you because your dog is not getting the right nutrients. We want a complete and balanced diet that has all the vitamins and minerals your dog needs daily. Check out Nature Variety's line up which we carry at the store and online. If you have any questions, let me know. We're here to help.