Should I Switch Dog Food?
Today there are several brands, flavors, sizes of kibble, protein sources and variety of dog foods. Sometimes you have to wonder should my dog eat the same thing every day of his life? The short  answer is probably not. Rotational diets have become popular today for good reason.  Dogs eating the same thing all the time can develop allergies or food sensitivities. One of the common protein food sensitivities is chicken.  Today we carry chicken, lamb, duck, turkey, wild boar, duck, bison, venison, whitefish, salmon and the list goes on. Each source provides different nutrients to your furry friends like it does for our human bodies.  Some folks like to stay with the same kibble and add some high quality canned foods. Remember, no sugars and no chemical preservatives. If your dog has a sensitive stomach go extra slow transitioning to a  different food. There are also products available like Switch which makes transitioning to new foods easy. It is a combination of different types of pumpkin and ginger. Let me know if you have any questions and mix it up your furry friend will appreciate it.