Stop Dog Shedding With Mud

If you don't think mud can stop your dog from shedding you would be wrong! SuperZoo in Vegas this year, the largest pet trade show, had a great surprise for us as we shopped all the latest and greatest in the pet industry. We stumbled upon mud....and not just any mud, Mediterranean Mud. You know the kind of mud you might find at the finest of spas for yourself. Well, this mud was unique in that it had special properties to stop the shedding on your dog. Watch this video and see how much hair Nash, the lab, lost during his walk in shower mud bath. His owner will tell you Nash has seen some "spectacular" results stopping the shedding. Easy to apply and the dog will love you for it. Stop in and see us at 3586 C Hartsel in the Woodmen Shopping Center, Furry Friends Inc and get the Mediterranean Mud and the vacuum will be glad you did.

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