Pet Insurance-Yes or No?

CNBC recently asked the question "Is pet insurance worth it?" Being the owner of 6 dogs, I have a bit of experience in this arena, too. Just like CNBC has reported sometimes it's worth it and sometimes not. When I went out researching pet insurance I found that there was a lot of fine print to be read. One of the most important I found was breed specific. Take for instance, my schnauzer, Bella. Just because Bella is a schnauzer she is genetically predisposed to get some sort of kidney disease (often kidney stones). Since the insurance companies really don't like paying out claims they disallow that with a schnauzer. So, make sure to read the fine print.

If your dogs breed is subject to a particular disease make sure your pet insurance covers that particular disease. Next, I think it's great to have insurance on puppies and kittens. The premiums are generally not a lot and you decide the deductible. Most insurances do not cover well checks (but require them annually) and they do not cover teeth cleanings or vaccines. I have used pet insurance for a few of my dogs on torn ACL's and it was great when the procedure was $1300 and I came up with $200 (my deductible) and another 20%. That was well worth the price of the premium. As our pets age, just like us, the insurance premiums go up, so, you need to consider if the premium is worth the investment. Just consider the financial risk or expense that may incur as costs can add up quickly.visit us on