Give A Dog A Bed

This morning as I walked around the house I realized I have 8 beds and three crates for our six dogs to relax in, on and enjoy. When I think about their beds it's important they have a safe place to retreat. Most of our dogs are rescues and some like the cave idea (crate) while others like to be completely enveloped in the plushest bed ever. You should see Curly the miniature poodle, legs sticking straight up in the air enjoying his soft cuddly bed. Dogs seem to like texture and plush beds can do just that. Lucy, our Llhasa loves the bed with the electric heater (just for dogs) all year round. She is the senior in the family and she can snooze ever so deeply with some added warmth to her joints.

My point is give your dog a comfortable, safe bed and remember to never use a bed as a scolding place. Try and buy the best bed you can to last a long, long time (one of our beds is 15 years old) and make sure you can remove the cover to freshen it up in the wash. Your dog will LOVE you for it!