Is Your Dog Really Listening To You?

I think sometimes dogs have selective when you say "want a biscuit" vs."do you want a bath?"

Dogs can know up to 136 words and they really do listen. In fact, they rely on their super hearing skills much more than we mere humans. But, their ears can be telltale signs to their health,too. Have you ever touched the ear of your dog and they swing their head away? Or, is your dog shaking his head alot? These can be signs of a painful ear infection. Look inside the ear to see if you smell something foul or see any waxy discharge.

Often times, the food your dog is eating may be the problem and too many ear infections can lead to hearing loss. If it is the food there are some commom culprits like wheat, corn or soy in the food. Other issues might be brewer's yeast, eggs or even chicken. The answer is to figure it out and get your dog healthy asap.
Monthly cleaning of the ear with a product like Halo 9 Ear Wash can help. Antibiotics have a place however, sometimes with ear infections the medicine can only mask the real issue. If you think your dog has had too many ear infections, (or even one) let's talk holistic health with cleanings and great food first.

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