Senior Dogs Have Special Needs

I've had so many dogs in my life and as I watch them age I wanted to share with you all the things that make their senior dogs life so much more enjoyable. It starts with the little things, like a heated pad made especially for dogs to keep those old joints warm and agile as they age. We also pay special attention to their teeth so none of that terrible bacteria goes to the rest of their bodies. I make sure to give all of my dogs The Missing Link everyday to help with their immune system and their fiber content. I'm sure to give an easier diet when I see they are having a hard time digesting. You know, we used to eat whatever we want well not so much as we get older too. So, as my dogs age I incorporate some raw and canned food into their diets for easy digestion.

One of my dogs Lucy is hard to wake up after sleeping and becomes startled easily if we approach from behind. Hearing loss or deafness may be a reason for this. There isn't a lot that can be done for age-related hearng loss, but a vet exam should be done first to rule out other medical problems, such as an infection, growth, or foreign body in the ear.