What's Up With All The Recalls?
A record number of pet food recalls has happened in the past year. Contrary, to thinking that the pet food manufacturers are not working harder to prevent positive test for Salmonella and other bacteria in their products, just the opposite is true. Just about every food manufacturer now has a "test and hold" program in place. No product gets released for resale until it comes back with a negative test for Salmonella. So, why do the recalls keep happening?
Turns out the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act  which became a law in January, 2011 is to "ensure the US food supply is safe by shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it."  Hence, the FDA is testing more foods. The more you look the more you find.
In March 2013, an FDA directive explains why we've had so many pet food, treats, and pet nutritional supplements recalls lately. FDA agents were instructed to collect and analyze 300 samples for Salmonella in the pet food industry. They specifically were looking at pet items that are fed in the homes and were directly handled or ingested by humans. So, from March through September 2013 the FDA did their job.
Salmonella has been with us humans and our furry friends for thousands of years. As long as a pet food manufacturer uses good ingredients and good practices we'll survive minor contamination. Just remember to wash the raw chicken off your kitchen counter while preparing your families dinner.