Who Needs A Clinical Pet Nutritionist?

When I decided to open a pet business 18 years ago, I knew that nutrition was the key component to keeping our pet's healthy. My background from being a Registered Radiologic Technologist, Urgent Care Manager, Medical Sales Manager to name a few, medical concerns and health was a major foundation for my professional education. So, when the opportunity presented itself, after years of practical experience, to become a Clinical Pet Nutritionist, it was like a light bulb moment for me. I was already speaking with people daily about their loved fur babies, and how we could resolve their health issues with real foods and supplements. Hence, the journey began.

So, who cares or why would you ever need a Clinical Pet Nutritionist?

Becoming a  Certified Canine and Feline Nutritionist was 200 hours of education  with an additional 300 hours in Clinical Pet Nutrition.  I can work with you and/or your Vet to determine the best nutritional plan. You can discover your alternatives before going on a prescription diet or just how to go a more holistic path with nutrition. I compiled a list, I think may help if you decide you might want to have a consultation with me.

Top Ten Reasons to Hire A Pet Nutritionist:

1) Research shows that proper nutrition can increase the average life span of a dog for up to two years!

2) Save on Future Vet Bills

3) Get Sound Educated Advice on What to Feed Your Pet

4) Stop Pet Hair Shedding

5) Smaller Poop to Pick Up-yes, that’s a thing😊

6) Your Pet Will Enjoy Their Mealtimes

7) Get help with weight loss and diseases that need special diets

8) Get the Real Facts about Pet Food and NOT the Marketing Hype

9) Custom Tailored Nutrition For Your Pet

10) No More Guessing About What You’re Really Buying

 Here's the link to set-up a consult. I hope I can support you and your furry friends by "nurturing through nutrition." I look forward to serving you and your fur babies.


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