The Best Stuffed Chew Toy For A Dog... big or little

Over the holidays, I baby sat Luna, or should I say I was a pet sitter. Luna had a few tennis balls in the yard to play with and believe me, she was not excited about it at all. A couple of throws of the ball and Luna was done. Being a pet store owner has its privileges when I get to hear what toys just don’t get chewed up and the dogs love. So, I decided to bring Luna home Rocket, the Raccoon, made by Fluff and Tuff. Now I will tell you I’ve been hearing for years about how great these stuffed toys are however, witnessing it first hand was super cool. You see I have little dogs and they tend to not tear up the toys. Luna was immediately taken by her new friend the raccoon. She went after that toy with a vengeance. I was pretty concerned she was going to rip up this toy in about 20 minutes. You know the toys you buy and they last 20 minutes? Well, not so! Her new toy is in great shape. She was able after 10 days to get a small piece of the ear off, but that was it. 
If you’re looking for a great chew toy for your big dog and haven’t found one yet, you need to come in and take your dog home her new best friend. You’ll be amazed as I was, when Luna didn’t tear up her new toy. Good luck picking one out because they have lots of styles. I’ll be stocking more of these great toys for sure! Click here to see some (more in the store)

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