Is Your Dog's CBD Safe?
Now that we know the benefits of CBD, we have to question the safety of the product you’re buying for your pets. There’s ways for you to know and I don’t suggest going to Amazon. In fact, I had a
Client who bought a bottle of Cbd for his dog and it came to him with half a bottle. My question: how
do you know what’s in there?
As a store owner, I have sales reps coming in weekly trying to sell me the next best CBD product. Here’s what I look for and here’s what you can look for, too.
First, understand that there are 5 different classes of THC. THC is the psychoactive part of the marijuana plant. Dogs are ten times more sensitive to THC than humans. So, the first thing you want to see is third party testing. Now, I’m not telling you to see some quality assurance paper from the company. I’m asking you to review an actual results page from an independent lab showing you the results. You should have no more than .07 ppm in your pets CBD. I cannot stress how important this is for the safety of your dog or cat. Next, review the analysis for pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals. Ask if the CBD is from the United States or from a foreign country.
Next big question: do you trust the person you’re buying this product from? Is it someone who has no animal background and says “just give it to your dog”. Does that person know how to read the results of the analysis and more important what dosage to use for your pet?
I listen to all the studies and the benefits of CBD are great. It can help with arthritis, anxiety, seizures and currently there are studies being done for tumors and some forms of cancer. I am a true believer in CBD and I am a Clinical Pet Nutritionist. I just caution you to know who you’re buying from, the quality of the CBD and that you can personally see the Certificate of Analysis.
We have CBD in our store in different forms, from cookies to tinctures, and even peanut butter.
Come in and have the discussions, if you’re thinking of CBD for your pet, or need a trusted source to purchase the product. We have researched and seen the results in the CBD that we offer our clients. Made in the U.S. on an organic farm in Northern Colorado. Every product has the results code on the bottle that you can go look up the Certificate of Analysis and review the results.
If you have any questions, please reach out. Our store is located at Woodmen and Lexington in north Colorado Springs.
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