Best Kidney Diet for Dog's

The kidney's are one of those main organs in our dog's that when they fail we scratch our heads and say now what do I do? First, let me explain some of the function of the kidney's. They filter toxins in the body, regulate blood pressure, water consumption and produce hormones.  Kidney failure actually happens over time and lose functions when it's Chronic Kidney Failure. This is why we don't see the symptoms as soon as we would like. Certain drugs, cancer, and genetics, breeds can all play a role. Some breeds prone to kidney disease are German Shepherds, Samoyed, Bull Terrier and Cairn Terrier, and English Cocker Spaniels. Cats are much more prone to kidney disease.

Acute Kidney Failure, or when the onset happens quickly is generally from a poison or illness that has created the kidney failure.

As a Clinical Pet Nutritionist, I talk to several pet parent's that are perplexed as to what to feed their dog once diagnosed with kidney disease. Typically, your Vet may prescribe a prescription diet that is costly and usually a dry kibble. Now, let's think about what a dog may need with kidney disease. The main thing that comes to my mind is hydration. When feeding a strict kibble diet our dog's can be in a constant form of dehydration. So, let's mix it up a bit and think more holistic and natural.

The company that I follow is Answer's Pet Food. They have come up with a scientific diet that seems to help dog's with kidney disease that makes sense to me. In fact, I believe when it comes to dog's health and major organs this should be the diet of choice. 

The diet I like is a raw food diet but, wait before you shake your head. This diet adds in raw goat's milk, or raw cow's kefir, and fish stock. Now, why does this add up. First, half the diet is a raw protein, like beef. For the Answer's product, you would choose the Detailed beef, chicken, pork or turkey, Detailed beef is the preferred protein to start. Half of the diet comes from the protein, half comes from the raw goat's milk and then add in twice the daily amount of fish stock. 

The benefits of the raw protein from Answer's is the fermentation process. The dog's body does not have to break down the protein as the fermentation process has done that for him. The beneficial bacteria is left and the digestive process becomes much easier. Answer's uses no synthetics, toxic pesticides,or artificial additives, antibiotics, or GMOs. The raw fermented goat's milk provides billions of probiotics, beneficial live enzymes, vitamins and minerals, fatty acids and is a complete food. This is one of Mother Nature's perfect foods! 

The benefits of fish stock, although stinky, are innumerable! The balance of omega 3-6's is awesome. The fish stock will help balance the high blood pressure which generally happens with kidney disease. The kidney's do not have to process the protein in the fish stock which makes it easily digestible and beneficial.

How to achieve this combination? Answer's Pet Food has a terrific dog food calculator. I want you to establish your dog's weight and put in normal activity in the calculator. The calculator will give you a total for daily calories required. Let's say it's 500 calories, typical for a 24 pound dog. You would then want to split the calories in half for the raw protein, so, 250 calories, add another 250 calories coming from the raw goat's milk, and then add twice the daily amount of fish stock. In this instance, you would feed 3.6 ounces of beef and 12.5 ounces of raw goat's milk in a day. You would want to split this up into 2-3 daily feeding times. The fish stock added would be about  1/2 cup a day. If you want to feed a treat, choose the Answer's Rewards Cheese treats. They have the same benefits as the raw goat's milk!

As you can see, there is more liquid to this diet than raw protein, which will make the mixture soupy. That's OK and your dog will enjoy lapping it up.  Answer's has seen beneficial test results in about a month. 

I hope you find this diet helpful and something else to choose in place of kibble, when it comes to a kidney diet for your dog.  Think natural, whole foods and you'll always be choosing wisely.

Please come into our store and speak to one of our nutritional team members to help you achieve better health for your furry friend.

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