How Often Should I Bathe My Dog?

I get this question a lot in the store. Some people think that they should not give their dog a bath too often, and I know one guy who has never bathed his 7 year old dog (yuck)! The real answer is things have changed from years ago and we should bathe our dogs when they are stinky, dirty, itching and ok, when company is coming. Today we have all natural shampoos and conditioners and they are not too harsh on your dogs skin. Just make sure you are using dog shampoo and not human shampoo. The human shampoos are balanced for humans ph, not dogs.

So, when you bathe try and put some cotton balls in the ears and wash the dog's head last. Just a little tip-when you get your dog's head wet they usually shake! 

There's another old wife's tale out there that we should use oatmeal shampoo. Well, if the dog has a yeast infection, or allergic to this grain, it may not be the best solution. 

So, start with a good brushing and then use warm comfortable water for the bath. Put  cottonball's inside the ears. Make sure your dog has good footing, as not to slip. Now apply the shampoo.

If you have a double-coated dog try diluting the shampoo. One of the most important steps is make sure you get all the shampoo out. If not, you're asking for a dirty dog much quicker!

Rinse, rinse, rinse! Try not to get water in the ear canal as this can cause an infection. You can use a washcloth on her face and around her eyes. Get all the gunk out.

Bath is done, now let's dry. Make sure to wring her out if long hair and dry carefully with a towel. If your dog doesn't like the hair dryer, short-haired dogs will be fine toweled off and kept warm, especially in the colder months.

If you like, you can spray with some nice smelling spritz or essential oil (never on cats though) and you have a fresh-smelling, clean dog! Until next time.

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