Sally Snacks Limited Ingredients Jerky

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Sally Snacks have no harmful preservatives o junk just premium limited ingredietns. Grass-fed, free range, New Zealand Venison, or New Zealand Lamb or Organic Chicken. Organic turmeric known to have anti-inflammatory properties that boost immunity with a  pinch of black pepper to increase Turmeric's absorption , as much as 2000%. Always Made In The USA!

A portions of the proceeds go to animals in need

New Sally Snacks are a premium dog treat packed with optimal superfoods that have never been incorporated into dog treats before.  The recipe for these new "Super Treats" was created with a licensed canine nutritionist last fall and inspired by my own cancer-related health struggles last year. I incorporated the same superfoods into the treats that helped me recover my health and vitality.  Foods like Wild Blueberries, Organic Dandelion Root and Organic Turmeric, all packed with antioxidants, phytochemicals and nutrients designed to boost your dog’s immune system, support a healthy gut and detoxify the liver.  I only use meat from  New Zealand where the farmers adhere to a strict Animal Welfare Code and never use antibiotics or added hormones ever.  These are quite simply the best dog treats in the world for the best dogs in the world. Boom.


  • 4 oz Bag = Approx Pound of Fresh Venison, Chicken or Lamb. MADE IN USA. Human Grade. Crunchy because there are no preservatives, and that requires a very low moisture in our dog treats. Shelf life of 18 months. Sally Snacks can be broken into small pieces for smaller dogs.

    Mary  Verified Reviewer
    Carlee loves the snacks and I am very happy in knowing they are very healthy for her.
  • Beverly  Verified Reviewer
    Such a great healthy treat my dog loves!
  • Chris  Verified Reviewer
    My dog loves them so much and I feel good about giving them to her. I know she is getting the best quality there is. Thank you!