Dentasure 100% Natural Oral Care for Dogs & Cats

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"World's Best All-Natural
Dog Dental Teeth Whitener
GUARANTEED To Vaporize Ugly Plaque
and Tartar From Your Dog or Cat's Teeth
In 30 Days Or LESS!"

Before and after one week

Dog dental? Cat dental? Now you can rescue your best friend from painful tooth decay, gingivitis, and bad breath WITHOUT dangerous anesthesia, harmful alcohol, or the yucky taste of other brands.

Our cat and dog dental spray is scientifically formulated to whiten teeth, freshen breath, reverse gingivitis, remove plaque and tartar buildup, and maintain healthy gums and teeth. All human grade ingredients; contains no harmful alcohol. Pleasant tasting, requires no brushing and no dangerous anesthesia.

Just spray or apply gel on the teeth-no brushing required. Best application-2 x's a day for 30 days then maintenance one time daily.