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A superfood you will not believe. Tested for several years by Answers Pet Food for true benefits. Glucosaminoglycans found in fish stock can aid in repair of ligaments. High in anti-inflammatory amino acids loaded with enzumes to speed tissue repair and reduce swelling. High in gelatin, coats joints and acts like a shock absorber. Fermented sardines provide concentrated source of ALL omega fatty acids.

Q: What will Fermented Fish Stock do for my pet’s joints?

Contains glucosaminoglycans (GAGs), a major component of joint cartilage+ High in anti-inflammatory amino acids arginine, glycine and proline +
High in gelatin, coats and acts like a shock absorber +

Q: Why will the stock be good for my pets with Thyroid conditions?

Excellent source of Iodine + Contains thyroid nutrients +

Q: How will Answers™ Fermented Fish Stock support the Kidney?

Reduces the body’s need for protein by up to + 50% Adding to diet of dogs fed low protein diet for kidney disease will help prevent + detrimental side effects of low protein. Contains high amounts of arginine- required to metabolize protein waste & + reduces blood pressure reducing stress on kidneys

Q: What are the benefits of stock on the Digestive System/Liver?

Contains Gelatin- beneficial for lining the digestive system to aid in the healing + of leaky gut syndrome & colitis Hydrophilic (attracts water) and holds the digestive juices, for better digestion of + nutrients in food High in glycine (essential amino acid) which helps regulate the making of bile + salts and secretion of gastric juices also required for liver detox Provides gut health and allows for increased absorption of minerals- better than + vitamins or pill form

Q: Will Answers ™ Fermented Fish Stock do anything for my pet’s teeth?

Contains exact proportion of minerals found in teeth + Stock will remineralize tooth enamel by absorbing minerals into their saliva +
Glucosaminoglycans found in the fish stock can aid in repair of ligaments and tighten teeth +

Q: Does the Fish Stock have any affect on skin/coat?

 Fermented sardines provide a superior concentrated source of all Omega fatty acids to support hair and coat +

 Q: Why does Fermented Fish Stock have a calming effect?

Contains gelatin which coats nerves cells in the digestive system + High in glycine- produces a calming effect and aids in sleep

  Q: Can the stock do anything for my pets Hypertension?

Fermented Fish Stock contains ACE (angiotensin- converting- enzyme) inhibitors peptides that naturally lower + blood pressure Lowering blood pressure is important for pet with chronic kidney disease (CKD)

  Q: Will the stock do anything for my pet’s diabetes?

Fermented sardines found in the stock stimulates insulin secretion naturally.

 Q: What are the overall benefits of Fermented Fish Stock?

Answers™ Fermented Fish Stock will help regulate your dogs and cats immune system + Provides minerals in a form the body can easily absorb + Minerals trigger metabolic enzymes required for healing + Fermented fish is high in enzymes and highly absorbable nutrients