Treats Can Be Natural
Treats-what to do? We all like to give a little something to that great big or little furry friend in our home. The problem comes when we don't look at the labels. Pick up most pet treats at the grocery store or chain store and you may be asking for trouble. Products made with questionable ingredients from foreign countries without strict food guidelines. This creates a big concern and can cost you thousands of dollars in vet bills. Sick pets and budging tummies are what we get from feeding these kind of treats.
Why not think natural? Pets light up with a simple green bean. Other fresh vegetables might be broccoli, cauliflower,carrots,celery and the list goes on. Make sure they are fresh or frozen and not from a can. We don't want to upset the system with extreme amounts of sodium (something humans need to remember too).  If you do end up purchasing your treats please make sure to buy them from an independent pet store that cares about your pets and researches every ingredient and country of origin. Check our and know and trust that all of our treats are safe. Look for low calorie treats and watch those calories. Every calorie counts in the battle of the bulge!