Stop These Injuries Before They Start
It's the starting of summer and we are all wanting to get out of hibernation. We need to remember not only have we not been outside too much, but our dogs haven't either. Those walks in the park might be a pulling match between you and Fido. Here's one thing you might not be thinking about and that is the neck strain caused by pulling on that leash. Yes your dog can hurt his neck and cause cervical disc pain. You pulling on the leash as a correction can only lead to worse trouble. A better solution might be a harness. We offer many colors, sizes and configurations to help with those walks and hiking with your dog. Try the no-choke collar from Doggie Design that we carry. Bring your pooch into the store for a personalized fitting and we will do the rest. Prices start around $21.99. Shop here today and Bring On Summer!
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