"For the Love of Pets"

When we changed up our logo to "For the Love of Pets" it really shared our commitment and mission. Every day, I have conversations with our clients that tell me pet stories. The stories about the new puppy, or the dog who just tears up every toy, or the one that is dying from a brain tumor. Every time I hear theses stories, I am touched by us humans, for reaching out to our pets and making them our family. They mean so much to all of us and that deep love we hold for them. The stories of the widowers that rely on their pet for comfort and solace, and the children who grow up with their best friend. Snuggling with them every night and sharing their best and worst moments. These are the stories that always tugs at my heart and makes me give just one more extra hug to each of my dogs daily. I am grateful and thankful for the life as a pet store owner, being able to share your love of your pets with you daily.