Does Your Dog or Cat Have Food or Environmental Allergies?


Staying in-tune with your pet means tuning into food and environmental sensitivities. Do they have itching, gnawing at their paws, or tails? Are their eyes crusty? Are they just out of balance and seem restless, or lethargic? These could all be signs of food or environmental sensitivites.


I have had a problem with my little Trixie for a couple of years now. As a Clinical Pet Nutritionist, my first go to. is food. I believe food is thy medicine and can help be the foundation of health more than anything else we can do for our pet's. So, when Trixie started itching and have goopy eyes, after a general wellness test with the Vet, I concluded it's food. So, off we went on the journey to help Trixie. The problem was doing a lot of elimination testing of protein sources. However, I also know with my background, it can be the fillers in foods, the carbs, or even the environment. 

So, with all my nutritional education, I started eliminating foods. I kept a journal of how Trixie was feeling each day. Was she up all night scratching and irritable? Was she calm and slept better? I watched her and I am very intuitive when it comes to my pet's. So, I struggled when I could not find the right products to help here. I tried supplements and different foods, to no avail. Even foods I thought I know would help her, just didn't work. Then doing some research, I found a company that could help me. I am now able to offer that product to you and help your pet's. This is me jumping for JOY, here! 

I found a test that does biofeedback testing, which does not take the place of blood testing from a Vet, however, does show 200 food sources and 100 environmental sources that could cause a problem for your pet. Wow! What an eye-opener when I got the results. I was shocked at all the "red" items I should not be feeding Trixie in one form or another. With my background, once I tapped into the results, I put her on the proper food that very same day. It typically takes a couple of weeks to get some sort of relief for your pet, however, to my great satisfaction, she found relief in a few days. She began to sleep better and itching is under control. I don't have to put her on any obtrusive prescription drugs, and I won't put her on a prescription diet. I found super-premium natural foods that I felt good about feeding her. Foods that would nourish her body to balanced health.

If you find yourself struggling, like I was (and I have a lot of nutritional science behind me) then I would suggest you try this test. Here is the link 

This is one of the best things I have ever found for your pet's sensitivites. Once you have the results, we can book a consultation here-or, you can shop with your list in hand, with more confidence that you are feeding not an irritant, but a food that will help your pet not just survive, but thrive.

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Debbie Brookham C.P.N.